Simple Snacks at Mewsbrook

A Simple Snack At Mewsbrook Park Cafe.

If you fancy something lighter or even a just simple snack, then this is the menu for you. If you fancy something more substantial then click through to see all of our menu options.

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Sandwiches & Snacks

Our famous BLT, available in either a sandwich, baguette or bap.

Tasty toasted sandwiches, served with a salad garnish & coleslaw with the choices including: cheese & tomato, cheese & onion, cheese & ham and tuna & cheese. Also available are our paninis with a choice  of fillings, cheese & tomato, tuna & cheese or ham and cheese.

Fresh and tasty sandwiches and baguettes, a choice of baguette or white or brown bread served with salad garnish and coleslaw. Your choice of fillings include: cheese & tomato, tuna mayonnaise, prawns in marie-rose sauce, ham or bacon lettuce & tomato. Prices from £4.50 to £5.50



Choose either plain or cheesy chips, prices from £2.50 to £3.30. Chips are also available as a side order for £1 per portion.

Fried sweet potato wedges served with your choice of dip.

A side order of chips is also available for £1

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